Jay: Exciting Times

A couple exciting things that are happening right now here at the Peacock.  #1 we are getting a new website. nbcconnecticut.com launches on Monday.  It is completely different, and when I say different I mean better, then the website we have now.  Just to give you a preview, here is the                 Chicago website.  Ours will be the same except with all CT news and info.  Take a gander around, get familiar with the look and get ready for an exciting new page that is everything you will need(big time company shill!!!!)

#2) I got a nice tour of our brand new building on Monday.  If you haven’t noticed it is going up right behind our current one and boy is it gorgeous.  I’m not going to go into detail about it, but let me tell you how excited we all are to be moving into there.  Really the possibilities in our new digs will be endless and we all can’t wait to deliver you what will be the best product, form the best TV broadcast center in New England.  All right that should cover my corporate duties for a while.


2 Responses to “Jay: Exciting Times”

  1. OK, now I get it. Write this, win Red Sox tickets. The fix was in, wasn’t it?

  2. I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement in what the liberally-biased media was dubbed “sox-gate.” I am but a simple tv director who felt he was doing what was right at the time. My only hope is that they leave my family out of their right-wing conspiracy theories.

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