Jay: My Off-Season Plan

WIth only six free agents on the current Red Sox roster, only a few tweaks are needed.  First re-sign Tek.  There are conditions though.  Two years, 14 mill and he will split time with AAA Paw Sox catcher George Kotteras.  Have the young signal caller learn for the best.  The first year have it be about a 70/30 split in playing time and year two have it more 50/50.  This not only keeps a 37-year-old catcher fresh, it gives the kid a lot of major league reps.  Second, Wake and TImlin should retire.  I love Wake, but he is 42 and not dependable.  We can go with the three young starters, give Buchholz a spot and sign a mid-level starter like Derek Lowe or Jon Garland.  For the bullpen, you got the five hold overs so all you need are two more hurlers.  I would move Hansack from the minos to the long relief role and sign another reliever.  There are a ton out there(here is the list of potential free agents.)  The starting 8 is all set.  Lugo is signed for two more years and I would make him a super utility player, OF, SS, 2B.  Give Jeff Bailey a shot at becoming the back-up at first base.  For the OF go with the three starters.  If you can trade Coco give it a shot.  If Roco Baldelli is healthy, sign him as your fourth outfielder.  As a right handed bat that can play all three OF positions, he could be very valuable.  That leaves one more spot open for another pitcher.  Of course this is one man’s opinion.  Please feel free to give me yours.


4 Responses to “Jay: My Off-Season Plan”

  1. Wake’s still a deal at 4 mil, and had a lot of quality starts. The pen cost him 5-6 wins. Lowe and Garland might be a tad expensive for “mid-level” starters, though Lowe has expressed a desire to return. Like the Lugo super-sub idea if he’ll buy into it. Not sure if Kotteras is your guy, and I don’t think Ellsbury is untouchable anymore.

    Doncha just love the hot stove?

  2. For the right deal, I could see trading Jacoby. Maybe to the Mets for Pelfry(Really like him.) Heard a lot of callers on WEEI yesterday wanting Papi traded which almost makes them certifiable. Yea Wake is a bargain and I love him, I just don’t trust him. Just think it is only three days into the of season………. we may have some issues!

  3. Hey Hendu….I like your thoughts with the exception of Tek. Well firstly….from the day he actually put the “C” on his uni….I thought he should have been traded. Come on…who does that? His numbers are horrific and at this point is hurting the team. Granted…defensively he is solid but I got to believe Kotteras isn’t that much of a letdown. Tek has had a great run but its time to turn the page. Free up the cash and invest in a solid middle reliever….hmm…perhaps a Derek Lowe?? I like it!!

  4. The prob is there are no good catchers out there. Varitek is the best option. Kotteras is young and still needs seasoning. Of course all this could change because I read yesterday that the Sox are going to pick up the option on Wake

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