Jay: A Happy Decision

Didn’t have time to write about this on Friday, so you’ll have to pardon the tardiness.  I commend the state supreme court for passing the marriage bill that allows gay couples to get married.  I believe that if two people love each other enough that they feel they need to spend the rest of their live together, then by all means, let them get married.  I know the oppositions argument.  It’s not a true family, it’s against the bible, yada, yada, yada.  My wife has a former co-worker, who, along with his partner just adopted three young kids from the inner city.  They are taking siblings form the system and keeping them a family.  Now, if they wanted, the partners could get married.  A new family for a new generation.  Now I ask, what is so god-awful about that situation.  These three kids are joining a family that will love and support them instead of wasting away in another foster home.  I would think the Family Institute of Connecticut would be all for a strong healthy family, no matter the sexual orientation.  They want to fight for the “traditional” marriage, but this is a new world with new ways of thinking.  They are stuck in a belief of a “1950’s” family with a mom and a dad, kids a pet, and so on.  Things change and people evolve.  I am proud today that MY state passed such a monumental act.  I applaud all those who worked so hard to get this done and I hope other states follow in our footsteps.


2 Responses to “Jay: A Happy Decision”

  1. WOW….now you are getting edgy….trying to bring up all these controversial and highly “political” issues. Oh I know better to fall into your little trap. Well…truthfully I agree with your thoughts….and well said. Now…lets move onto the real political controversy…..who impersonates Sarah Palin better……Sarah Palin or Tina Faye???

  2. Now thats funny!!! You’re right, I think Sarah Palin has become almost a spoof of herself. The more that Faye plays that role, it seems the more Palin highlites her quirks. The question now is, has a comedic impression ever decided an election?

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