Jay: Its Friday….

and I don’t feel much like writing.  Crazy long morning.  Our Deko machine(all on-air graphics) crapped out on us right before the 5am. I spent the next hour trying to fix it and with the help of our IT wiz(had to wake her up @5:20) we finally got it up and running for 6.  That was enough hecticness for the day, lets hope all the stations hiccups are out of the way.  I just wanna get to the weekend.  4:30 baseball starts and I plan on getting further into the Sox game tonight then I did last Friday(way too much libations!) Also get to have dinner with my wife tonight, we haven’t done that all week.  Hope you all have a good weekend, and Lets go Sox.


2 Responses to “Jay: Its Friday….”

  1. Good to hear the Deko is still tempermental. I guess it misses me. Funny thing, Deko is tempermental here too. Ah, it’s just like being at home. Oh and its truly wonderful to actually watch Ranger games without guessing what channel Comcast is going to put them on!!!

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  2. 4-0 wow, it s amazing they get rid of their best player and they are a better team, hmmmmm, sounds very familiar.

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