Jay: Mastering my Talking Points

Well we all know now that Gov. Palin can memorize some key points and regurgitate them back out at us.  Can she answer a question off the cuff?  Can she think on her feet?  Does she realize she is running for VP of the USA and not student body president.  I didn’t see the whole thing, but she didn’t impress me.

Genius, shear genius.  That’s what I think of Sen. Biden’s unscripted reference to his departed wife and daughter.  He only brought it up to prove a point, and in the process, probably turned a lot of people toward him after showing such a personal side.

Great Job Uconn!!!!  It is sad the Nate Miles was expelled, but the school had to.  Unfortunately the Men’s team has made more noise off the court the past few years then on it.  It is time for Calhoun to stop recruiting kids with checkered pasts.  Not every kid is Caron Butler, not every one can be saved.

Must win for the Angels tonight.  They have to win.  I don’t think that they can beat Beckett, especially at Fenway.  I think Dice-K can shut down that line-up.  Lets come home up 2-0.

Hey Cubs, the play-offs have started.  Just wondering if you are going to show up. 

Boy the Dodgers are really playing well.  They remind me a bit of the Cardinals from 2006.  I DO NOT want to see Manny at all in October.  He will kill the Sox. 

Big day on Saturday, 18 hole golf fundraiser for my baseball team at Blackledge in the morning.  A little Michigan v. Illinois at 3:30 then friends wedding at 6 down in Mystic.  Good day(hopefully!!!!)

The Tampa Bay Rays made history yesterday.  They are now the only undefeated team in MLB play-off history, yes it is only one game, but hey they’re the only one!!

Have a great weekend!!!!


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