Jay: Playoff Time! Whoopee!!!

Ready for sleepless nights and sleepwalking through the day?  I know I am but 10 pm is even too late for me, so I will miss game one between the Red Sox and Angels.  That won’t stop me from my 2nd Annual Playoff Primer.  Last year,I got two out of the four LDS series right.  Not bad, but room to improve.  So here we go…… first off:  Brewers vs. Phillies.  I love the Brewers.  Good young players, a lot of big hitters, great fans, good Karma(1st postseason appearance since 1982) but all that does not make up for the lack of a bullpen and shear exhaustion.  They left all they had on the field to get into the tourney and I think the Phills will win in 4.  This has to be the year, doesn’t it?  I mean 100 yrs is a long time.  The Cubs make quick work of Manny and the Dodgers, Cubs in three. 

On to the AL side.  I am still waiting for the Rays to come back down to Earth.  Seriously, any minute now……., Oh well maybe they are for real.  They are a better team then the White Sox so I fully expect the Rays to win in four games.  Red Sox and Angels will be the best series of the four.  They are the two best teams in baseball and either one would be the favorite against any other team.  This will be a very competitive series with the Sox pulling it out in 5 games. 

I reserve the right to hold off on my LCS predictions after round one, but a hint:  I like a certain Chicago team over a certain Boston team.


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