Jay: One Year Today…

Today marks One Year for this blog.  I would like to thank all the readers who, for some reason, find my posts interesting enough to read everyday.  I am always surprised to see how many views we get on a daily basis.  A second Thanks to the management here at NBC30 for letting me have the freedom to write what I want and still publishing it even though I am the only AMer contributing.  Third a Big Thanks to Gerry for his support.  It’s good to know that you got a big bopper in your corner.  Of course, a huge Thank You to my two most loyal readers, my wife(who has drawn more then her shares of laughs with her responses) and my Mom.  In case you were wondering, Paper is the One year gift, so feel free to send all gifts to me here at the station.  Nothing big, just cold, hard cash.  Mostly tens and twenties would be nice :).  Bonus points for knowing were that line came from.


7 Responses to “Jay: One Year Today…”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown … Sally when making her list for Santa. She raised the bar far above “nickles, nickles, nickles … I love the sound of nickles.”

    Ahem … please note I am the ONLY one of your loyal fans to respond to this one!

  2. ….and I knew you would get that

  3. I believe Mr. Soupy Sales got in some trouble for asking the kiddies to send him the green paper from Daddy’s wallet!

  4. I’m sorry, I guess I am too young to get that reference.

  5. Jay's Mom Says:

    Gerry: you have my permission to slam Hendu for that last comment.

  6. Funfetti!!! I told you I read!

  7. i’m happy to be one of the most loyal readers, it’s usually highly entertaining! apparently i need to get up to speed on my movie quotes because i was heavily shamed for not getting the charlie brown christmas reference.

    Oh well what can i say, i’m a bad wife i guess…

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