Jay: A good weekend

Spent a great weekend golfing on the cape.  We actually got in 18 holes on Saturday and another on Sunday.  Bay POint CC was our home for the past two days and there were two five hour windows each day that it did not pour and they came when we were out playing.  Timed perfectly.  The only downside is I think that my body is in shutdown mode.  Three days/two nights in a house with eight to ten other guys+long days+four hours of sleep+numerous cold ones+a diet that consisted of no vegetables(unless u count the Lettuce, tomatoes and onions on my burgers)=a body that is pretty tired.  It is not that I can’t hang like I used to, because I can, but there is only so much meat a guy can have. 

The weekend kicked off great with the huge UConn win, then a great round of golf(our team was 9 under par), then Michigan with a colossal victory(which sent me thru a roller coaster of emotions) then another good round of golf on Sunday(5 under.)  All in all a good 60 hours. 

Now I’m looking forward to really committing to the gym for the next four weeks(the big Bday present for Nikki, a trip to Aruba) and Saturday will be another great day.  Another golf tourney and Co-workers and great friends, Scott and Manda, wedding day.


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