Jay: The Show Must Go On

Isn’t that one of the oldest adages in showbiz?  No matter what is going on outside, the presentation inside will always go as scheduled?  So the country is in an economic quagmire right now.  The President has called on his $500 gazillion life preserver to be passed ASAP.  Of course this is going to be a huge topic, if not the only one, at the Pres debate on Friday night.  Isn’t it convenient that all of a sudden McCain wants to cancel the debates.  Yes he and Obama are US Senators.  For the hear and now thou, they are Presidential candidates.  They need to have a debate about this.  They need the opportunity to have a intellectual back-and-forth about their respective economic plans.  The American people need to decide who is better suited to lead us out of this.  That decision needs to start on Friday night.  I don’t want those two in the Senate debating fellow Senators.  There are 98 other really smart elected officials who will do just fine without those two.  McCain should not be hiding behind this.  He is blowing a golden opportunity here and I think the American people can see right thru it.  On top of this he wants to delay the VP Debate as well.  How convenient.  Sounds like both he and Palin are ducking the issues together, they really are soul mates.


2 Responses to “Jay: The Show Must Go On”

  1. Glad you can see the people and the situations for what they really are. Too bad there aren’t more of us out there.

  2. I wish there were more put there as well and if their are I hope that they get out and vote and truly make a difference. As for me, I wasn’t able to see the debate on Friday night(out of town) I haven’t even heard anything good or bad yet I hope to get caught up Monday morning

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