Jay: Mets Mess

Deja Vu all over again

Deja Vu all over again


If you have a close friend or relative who is a Mets fan, maybe you should seriously consider calling them everyday just to make sure they are OK. After last season’s monumental and historic collapse(a 7 game lead with 17 to play, which disappeared, leaving the Metsies on the outside looking in), you can almost feel it starting up again. Now the lead is only 1/2 game with 13 to go, but last year at this time they had the same record and were playing the same opponent(Washington Nationals.) I was listening to the FAN on the way into work this morning and you could sense the dread in their voices.  Callers from Anaheim to Astoria were blaming everyone from the-pitcher-formerly-known-as-Pedro to upper management.  So please, just keep an eye on you Mets fan, another collapse could be too much to handle. 

I mean the Mets players do have a lot on their plates.  Not only do they carry the ugly weight of last year around their necks, but they are playing for the entire city of New York because frankly, the Yanks have been hapless the past two or three months.  The Mets need to get in or there will be no playoffs in NYC since 1994.  That’s a lot of pressure and the Mets have not had a great history of dealing with that.  Of course they can always share their misery with the one or two Rays fans out there.  Yep, those pesky Sox are slowly taking a strangle hold on the AL East and the rest of the conference.

Just looking at the schedule for the Mets and it is not easy.  Those four games against the Cubs next week are DANGEROUS!!!!!  The Cubs will want that #1 spot and want to clinch.  Even if they clinch this weekend, I can see Pinella really going after the Mets.  I’ll say it right now, I don’t think they are making the play-offs.  Not with that bullpen and not with TPFKAP starting every fifth day.  It will all be OK though, now New York can focus on the best team anyways, Your super bowl champs, NY GIANTS!!


4 Responses to “Jay: Mets Mess”

  1. Let’s hope those pesky Sox give you a nice birthday present tonight and win again.

  2. On the radio this morning, they talked about opening a Mets suicide hotline incase there are a few people ready to jump. A few yankees fans also called in to say they would be joining the mets fans on the ledge…

  3. hehehehehe hohohohoho hahahahahahaha hardee har har!!!!! giggle giggle!! Rolling on the ground in tears grasping at sides in pain!!!!!!

  4. […] like saying “I Told You So” (I really do though) but I said it two weeks ago in this post.  Poor Mets fans, just can’t catch a break. Put it in the Books! courtesy […]

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