Jay: Sunday at Rookies

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  Good friends, good food, good football, and a few bevs.  Rookies in Cromwell makes for great theater.  A bunch of us gathered there one: to send Jamie off and two: send Melissa off(she is actually due to give birth any minute, lets hope it doesn’t happen at work, I forgot my catchers glove at home!!!)  If you have never been there on a Sunday, it is quite a sensory overload.  Every game is on….Every single one.  You hear random cheers from around the bar and it takes you about 10-15 seconds to try and figure out what game it is for, and once you find it you missed the play(plus it can give you a bad case of whiplash).  I figured out the only way to survive was just focus on a spot and try to get as many screens in my sight line as possible( it’s like a triathlon for football fans, frankly it is exhausting!!!)  It was nice having the Giants game on in our booth, but we were surrounded by the largest contingent of Buffalo Bills fans this side of the Genessee River.  There were at least 20, ranging from a 5 or 6 year old wearing a little Bills jersey to a 75-year-old grizzled veteran, a true range of hopeful naive fans to bitter and hopeless(typical Bills fan!!!) 

Overall it was a great day.  One of the highlites(or lowlights), besides the obvious, were these: Our beloved weatherman Ryan decided to wear shorts very similar to these.  Now, I’m no Yves St. Laurent, but that can’t be a stylish look right?  Don’t worry we made sure to make fun of him all afternoon for his faux pas. 

Finally, Good Luck Melissa and Chris.  They are expecting their first child, a boy, name TBD very soon.  I am very excited for both.  I’ve only known her since last October when she started working here, but both her and her husband are wonderful, fun people who will be outstanding parents.  Hopefully all goes well with the delivery and we will welcome her back with open arms in a few months.


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