Jay: Mixed Bag

The one plus of Jamie having his last day yesterday, I believe I now have the longest streak going of NOT calling out sick.  I think it is like 3 1/2 years.  Jamie was number 1, he’s gone now I’m #1.  I’m proud of this streak and I plan to keep it going for a while.(cue my wife rolling her eyes!!!) 

Last nights Sox game was the WORST managed game of the year.  Pinch running for Varitek in the seventh with two outs.  One, he wasted Coco because he never stole, and with Jacoby up the chances of a run being scored there are minute.  Then in the ninth, Lowell led off with a walk and was pinch run for.  Fine but Cora had to run because Coco was done.  I’d figure he’d have Kotsay bunt, but nope, nothing.  Sox had a great chance to sweep this thing, but with Paps forgetting about his off-speed pitches and Tito “managing” a golden opportunity was lost.  Wait, what the hell am I talking about?  They’re still World Champs right?  They are still five games up in the Wild Card right?  They are still the favorites to win again right?  Never-mind, at least I’m not a Yankees fan.

Can’t wait for Michigan/Notre Dame on Saturday.  Only problem, and it’s a big one, I can’t watch it.  A friend planned his wedding for that day at 5pm.  How dare he.  I mean who plans a wedding on a Fall weekend.  Don’t they know football is on?  I had two last year, another two this year.  Man how selfish do these people have to be?  Why don’t these couples ever think of other folks on the biggest day of their lives?  Yep, Sarcasm lives here.  Seriously though, Michigan needs this win.  Losing to ND is not an option.  I can’t stand anything about that school, from the fight song, to Rudy, to TD Jesus, nothing about South Bend is appealing.  While on the subject, I think UCONN can be 7-1 or 8-0 going into the West Virginia game.


2 Responses to “Jay: Mixed Bag”

  1. Jay's so wise wife Says:

    Sure, sure, longest record of not calling in sick, easy since you haven’t been sick, but i hope you retain some common sense and if you do actually get sick that you don’t decide not to call in just to maintain your “record”, other wise you might be celebrating that “achievement” from another realm…

  2. Heck no, the record must go on!!!!!

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