Jay: The role of religion

In a land that was founded on the freedom to practice any religion you desire free from the reins of oppression and persecution, why does it play such a big role in deciding our leaders?  When did the “separation of church and state” become so intertwined?  What ever happened to looking at a candidates plans and credentials then to what god he/she prays to(or not in some cases.)  As a very non-religious person(never baptised, only go to church for weddings, never read the bible….etc) I get turned off by a person who follows the path of god during a decision-making process.  Why does looking to a so-called “higher power” help anyone make a decision.  I would think that looking at all the facts and having very smart people with very informed opinions will always make better choices then someone saying “….. god came to me and told me to do it.”  I guess what brought this on was a couple things.  One:  Gov. Palin stating that our war in Iraq was is God’s doing.  Boy, sounds a lot like the Crusades to me(and those didn’t turn out to well).  Two: all the hubbub over Rev. Wrights comments a few months back.  I can’t believe that the talking heads of news thought that this one mans opinion would be enough to sway Obama’s thinking.  I think it is fair to assume that Barack is a smart man.  And smart (wo)men can make up their own mind by using a multitude of different sources.  The third issue is what has just surfaced about Gov. Palin’s church.  They are conducting a “Pray away the gay” sermon.  This, along with Palin’s staunch anti-gay stance prompts this question: How can someone so closed minded be elected to the 2nd highest office in the land.  And this doesn’t even bring up the abortion abortion issue which is a whole other blog.  Maybe I am too anti-religion to get it.  Maybe this is above my pay-grade.  Maybe this a topic for someone much smarter then I.  This is a topic that seems to be getting a lot of air play though and i wish the governing philosophies would of the candidates would be talked about more.


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