Jay: Vicious Animals

So is she a barracuda, a ferocious fish that lies in wait and surprise attacks its’ prey, or is she a pit bull, a dog that is trained to attack and kill other dogs?  Two animals that only have one way of doing things and will try to destroy whatever is stands in their way.  So our choices for the highest office in the land are between a Harvard educated lawyer, brilliant public speaker and a Senator from the Midwest with solid family values and a long-term senator form Delaware who is one of the most respected leaders, not only in the country but around the globe.  Or a self-proclaimed Maverick and some sort of pit bull/barracuda cross that devours anyone with a differing opinion?  I think I’ll go with option A thanks.  I want two people in office who are both brilliant and can have a rational argument about their different opinions on a topic.  It seems to me that McCain/Palin will only surround themselves with yes men(or women). 

I can’t believe that there are only seven weeks till election day.  I urge everyone to get out and register to vote.  This is the most important election of our lives.  Get friends. family, heck get your enemies to vote.  Try to take in as much info as possible.  The smarter you are as a voter, the better choice you will make.  Know what is scary though, Me, as well as a lot of other Americans, probably get the most information form shows like The Daily Show and Real Time.  I just can’t trust the slant that the national media puts on things.  Regardless, please take this election seriously, our Countrys’ future  lies in the balance.


5 Responses to “Jay: Vicious Animals”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It is so important to vote! On the radio this morning, several people made the comment that they didn’t see it as important because they did not feel their votes counted. Every vote counts and I have a feeling this could be a very close election with the country divided.

    If you are not registered to vote, or need to change the town you vote in because you moved, etc., you can register at your town hall, through the dmv, and through rock the vote (www.rockthevote.com). this site will help you fill out the form, then all you have to do is print it, sign it, and send it in.

    the most important thing is to be informed and not vote based on personality, looks, etc but know what your choice represents. I know there are other parties, but you can find information about the republican and democratic candidates by looking at johnmccain.com and barakobama.com. Pay attention to the debates.
    This is a very exciting time for our country, and probably the first time that i have ever been this interested/invested in the presidential election.

  2. Don’t we have just the smartest readers?

  3. Option A seems like a no brainer to me, too. And I’m just getting by with a UConn/UHart education.

  4. I’m for option A, too, as I want “thinkers” in office who won’t necessarily agree with each other but will bring all opinions to the table when making a decision. And I’m getting by with a UConn/UHart education.

  5. Thanks Cheryl for the response. We’ve had eight years of a non-thinker in office(HEHEHEHE) it is about time for new blood

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