Jay: Football Time!!!!

First things first Giants Fans:  Okay, now that the big stuff is out of the way, lets get into my lock solid football picks(lets forget last years picks, I thought the Gmen would win only four games, oh well can’t win ’em all, right Patriots.  HEHEHE)  First the AFC, Pats(12-4), Colts(11-5), Chargers(13-3) are definitely in.  The other three teams could come from a group of seven teams if all breaks right for them.  I like the Jets.  10 wins is reachable.  Pittsburgh scares me.  Their O line is weak, and the D is questionable.  Also have a hard time trusting the Browns.  I look to the Ravens to win the North Division with a 9-7 record.  I love Jacksonville(10-6) as the sixth team but watch out for Houston and Tennessee to make that division the best in football.  I’ll take the Ravens over the Colts and Jacksonville over the Jets.  The Chargers will blow out the Ravens while the Jags get revenge on the Patsies.  I will pick the Chargers to get to Super Bowl XLIII.

On to the NFC.  I’ll take the Cowboys(11-5), the Saints(10-6), the Packers(9-7), and the Seahawks(11-5) to gain division crowns.  The Giants will get in at 10-6 while the sixth team will be the Eagles at 10-6 if Mcnabb can stay healthy.  The Vikes will make a run until Peterson gets hurt.  Watch out for the Panthers and Arizona to make a run at their respective divisions.  The Giants will continue their road play-off run with another win in Green Bay while the Saints beat the Eagles.  The Cowboys get their revenge in round two by beating Big Blue and the Saints come away with a nice upset on the road against Seattle.  The Boys finally get to the Super Bowl but that’s as far as they get because your new NFL Champs will be the San Diego Chargers!!!!

Good Lord I love Football season!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Jay: Football Time!!!!”

  1. Jay's wife/aka football widow Says:

    first game hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already on football overload… but don’t worry, i have plenty of time to get really “snarky” about it :p

  2. […] post that everyone waits for with bated breath.  Last years were a bit off, but not overly bad.  Here is the 2008 prediction post.  Didn’t realize I wa on such a Chargers love-fest the past two years.  I can guarantee you […]

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