Jay: Back to the grind

After a long weekend at the in-laws fantabulous house in the Pocono’s with Nikki and a couple great friends, it’s time to get back at it for a good two months.  Not only for me, but school kids around the state.  My youngest brother Alex starts his senior year in High School today(he was in kindergarten when Nikki and I started dating which blows me away!!!!)  We hope to hear back soon about a prospective job for Nikki in the next few days and birthday/wedding season is getting into full gear with five family bdays and a possible three weddings in the next month and a half should keep me busy.

I hope you are sitting down when reading this(standing up while on the computer is weird anyways) but I wasn’t that upset over the Michigan loss on saturday.  I know that there will be many growing pains and am willing to sacrifice a mediocre season for a run of national titles(see very easy to please.)

I wasn’t to impressed with a lot of college teams over the weekend.  USC and Missouri looked great.  Alabama will be a tough foe. Pitt, WV, Rutgers and Louisville all have major issues.  If Uconn can get its’ offensive act together, a Big East Title could be had.  Problem is South Florida is very good and I think the class of the conference.


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