Jay: Time for Kick-off!!!

First things first, huge props and congrats to Nikki(wife) who passed her Math Praxis.  It was tight, but like I told her, it doesn’t matter how far it goes out, as long as it’s over the fence, it is a homer.  I really couldn’t be prouder of her:)!!!!! 

Tonight is the first night of college football.  The season kicks off with the Huskies at home against the Flying Dutchman of Hofstra.   Hofstra is a 1-AA team.  This should be a win, of course their is history of 1-AA teams going in and upsetting a D-1 program(ouch, it is still painful!!!!!)  Will it happen tonight, i doubt it.  Uconn should win by no less then 30 points.  This is nothing more then a glorified scrimmage.  I have a hunch about this team, they could make some noise not only in the Big East, but I think nationally as well.

Some of my loyal readers already know this, but to you first-timers, I am a huge Michigan football fan.  In fact my fall weekends are planned around the Maize and blue’s games.  They open this weekend, at the Big House against the Utes of Utah.  Last year they lost the home opener……  GOS, WHY DO I KEEP BRINGING THAT UP!?!?!?!?!!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?!  Ok, back to the present.  I like this Michigan team.  I like the fact they have new blood in the program.  They have been doing the same old thing for decades, and I for one, I am thrilled with the new regime.  They are in better shape, faster, leaner, and ready to take the league by surprise.  I love the fact that they are getting no respect.  I got news for all the so-called experts, this defense is scary good and when the offense finally gets it, watch out.  I think a nine win season is within reach.  I just don’t trust Michigan State and Penn State to do anything big and Illinois is still young and mostly un-proven.  So as always, it will come down to Ohio State(booooo Keisha!!!!!!!!!) and Meeeechigan, too bad I won’t be there this year(or will I?  Nikki, hmm that’s a bday idea!!)   This video is a sign of things to come this year!!!! Enjoy


One Response to “Jay: Time for Kick-off!!!”

  1. ohhhhh, does this mean we’re watching football tonight?#*… and so it begins…

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