Jay: Just add it to the list….

Of why people hate the Yankees and their whole corporation.  This is courtesy of Deadspin and The Big Lead.  Fan Escorted from Yankee Stadium for having to go to the bathroom.  Almost makes me want to go to a game there and test the security guards.  BTW, Go Sox!!


5 Responses to “Jay: Just add it to the list….”

  1. you and testing security gaurds- not usually a good mix! besides this time will probably be the straw the breaks the camel’s back, and you will get arrested!

  2. i didn’t realize that participating in the seventh inning stretch was mandatory… i guess that is just tell tale of my complete “lack of knowledge” of anything sports.(sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm)… but wait what am i saying, i am sure i do know something about sports, after all i live with jason

  3. Jay's Mom Says:

    Hey, if this jerk tried to hit the head during Sweet Caroline, I might want him escorted out of Fenway. The audacity … moving when King George said not to. I wonder if anyone would have escorted him out of the stadium if he had simply pissed his pants? I could go on, but I better stop now. See … sarcasm runs in the family.

  4. The land of the free, my ass. The 911 attack of the twin towers scared America and her citizens witless, and became a major wake-up call to an over-confident, boastful, and somewhat smugly complacent society. The result of that wake-up call is a take-it-or-leave-it patriotic zealousy that is already way over the top, and seems to only escalate.

    The home of the free and the brave is sadly turning into the land of the suspicious and frightened. I mean, if a guy can’t pee when he needs to, God forbid he should express any disappointment in America and her policies!

  5. Peggy thanks for the very emotional response. Couldn’t agree with you more. Hopefully more people feel as passionatly as you when they vote in two months.

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