Jay: Bolt

Yea, Micheal Phelps won eight gold medals and broke seven world records, but he has peaked and world records fall in the pool about as often as Clay Bucholtzgives up a run.  This guy though, is the story of the 29th olympiad.  This kid, and I stress kid, is only 21.  He is not even close to his peak yet.  All ready the fastest man ever, his best is still yet to come.  The IOC says he is too brash.  They say he doesn’t act like a true olympic champion, doesn’t show respect to his fellow runners.  Screw that, the man has chrasima to spare and he knows it.  Every one of you would be that cocky if you had the title of Fastest man in the world.  Can’t wait to see him run again, anywhere.  How sweet would it be if in London, Bolt goes for gold in the 100, 200, and 400?  Now that would be truly Phelpian.


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