Jay: Dog Gone

I know that this is a few days late, but I wanted to wait until I heard it form the um, dogs mouth.  Highly regarded Sports radio duo Mike and the Mad Dog have officially broke up a 19 year run together. Mr. Brooks has already wrote about it, I know, but for people in my age bracket(sorry Gerry) this show meant a lot to us.  I have been a loyal listener to these two for the full 19 years.  They started just when I was really getting into sports and it seemed that my interest and their show just happen to have corresponded.  I remember coming home from school and just listening to these guys for hours while doing my homework or just vegging out.  I always loved the interaction between the two, if only because they had completely different opinions on every subject(or it seemed that way.)  You could tell when they were irritated at the other one, and that always made for great radio.  Some of my favorite shows weren’t even centered around sports.  They would talk old movies or the give and take they had with Imus.  I listened to them when Magic came out that he had the AIDS virus.  I listened to them around 9-11(Ican’t remember if they were on that day, or in the following days)the emotion that they showed was powerful.  I learned a lot about sports and the real world through the speakers every day form 1-6pm.  When the show debuted on the YES network bringing them national, it became must watch afternoon TV.  Yea it looked awful, but I couldn’t turn away.

Obviously all good things must come to an end, and last Thursday, the best radio show in America ended.  Both will be great on their own, but never as good as they were together.  I listened for a bit on Friday(in between some shut-eye and cleaning up after a very sick dog) but it was a shock to me how many people called in to the show in tears.  Not only was this the ground-breaking show in a new genre, but it was a staple for so many people over these past 19 years.  I will miss sitting down on the couch, or driving home from work, or waking up from a nap and having these two voices greet me through my TV or radio.  I look forward to the future with each doing their own thing knowing that we will never see or hearhow quite like theirs again.  THe two of them are true radio pioneers and the cornerstone of the original Sports Talk radio station.  New York Sports will never be the same.  I think the only truly happy folks were the mangers, coaches and players that were continually called to task every day.  Their jobs have gotten easier, and for their fans our afternoons will forever have a void.  Thanks for the memories guys,  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



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