Jay: Nothing left but memories

I’m sure everyone of you reading this has gone through a few of these moments.  When a part of your youth fades away.  Something that puts your young, wild past further away as your life barrels forward like a semi.  Well, I had one of those moments this weekend.  In my bi-monthly alumni newsletter form beautiful King’s College in the up and coming city of Wilkes-Barre PA.  In it, there was a story about the college and the city coming together to tear down some condemned buildings in order to put in a state-of-the-art college/city structure.  At first i thought, wow what a great idea.  The city and school washing each others back, coming together for the good of the student and city population.  Of course then I found out that one of the buildings being destroyed, MY OLD APARTMENT!!!!!!!!  Here is a picture that was printed in the local paper, The Times Leader:

My apartment is the white-faced building right behind his right shoulder.  It was a converted old warehouse, we had the top floor, six guys, three bedrooms, two baths, two huge living rooms.  It really was the perfect place to live for two years.  Some GREAT parties there(sometimes maybe too much and too great, but hey we were young and stupid, like none of you ever over did it a tad!!!!)  Any apartment where you can play paintball in, have snowball and water balloon fights in, and have countless loud late-night parties without one police visit has to be a special place.  So, on behalf of the other lucky inhabitants: Scott, Jerry, Pat, Justin, Dom, and Migs.  For the adopted roommates: Irish, Sweets, D-Bo, Nikki, Eillen, LeAnne and Meg,  we all say good bye, you were a great place to live for two(some of us three) years.  A lot of great memories will go down in that pile of rubble.  Although after thinking about it, it may be a wise decision.  It only took us three years to condemn a newly renovated place.  Oh well, Cest La Vie.


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