Jay: A Crying Shame

So in case you haven’t heard, the Summer Olympics start tomorrow.  I think they air on NBC, but I am not to sure.  They haven’t done a very thorough job of promoting it ;).  Some of you may not realize this, but after this year, baseball and softball will be dropped as Olympic sports.  The IOC feels that it is not played on a world-wide stage to be considered(both federations have applied for reinstatement for 2016.)  Somehow this is considered an olympic sport, what the heck is dressage anyway?  Does the horse win the medal?  Can you call the rider an Olympic athlete?  Well I digress, let me get this thought train back on its original track.  Okay Olympic baseball, I believe it should be an event but if the IOC is going to strip the sport of its dignity and class like they have this year, please just leave it out.  Hear is a summary:

(BEIJING, July 30) — The International Baseball Federation has announced changes to the rules relating to extra innings in the run up to what may be the final Olympic Baseball event ever staged.Under the new format, the 10th inning will be played in the traditional way. From the start of the 11th inning, teams will have the option of beginning from any spot in the existing batting order while placing the previous two batters on base.Therefore, if a team leads off with its No. 3 hitter, then the new rules would require their No. 1 batter to be on second base, with the No. 2 hitter on first and none out.According to Federation president Harvey Schiller, the rule change was devised to save time during games, making the sport more manageable and television-friendly.These adjustments come after Baseball was voted out of the 2012 London Olympic Games program by the International Olympic Committee, though the sport is now lobbying for re-inclusion in the 2016 program.The new competition format will have its first test at the World Junior Baseball Tournament in Canada this week and will be enforced at all Federation-approved tournaments leading up to and including the Beijing Olympic Games.

For a sport that relies so much on tradition, this is just a complete bastardization of the sport.  Could you imagine, Game 7, Sox vs. Cubs, Fenway Park, Oct 2008.  Tied up 4-4 in the 11th.  The SOx get to put Jacoby on 2nd and Pedroia on 1st w/ no outs and Papi, Youk, and Lowell all coming up.  What a joke.  So in light of this, I have some other rule changes that should go into effect for 2012.

Marathon final:  After ten miles, the riders get to hop on mopeds for the next 15 miles, then have to run backwards for the last two.

2-Man Scull finals: Each boat comes equipped with a 50 horse outboard motor for the final 300 meter stretch.

100 meter sprints: each runner gets to inject themselves with a super drug that……oh wait that already happened, sorry.

Archery: The last two arrows have are laser guided to the target.

Gymnastics: Other competitors can interfere with routines.  Imagine, the best Chinese gymnast is running down the ramp ready to hit the vault, and all of a sudden, Shawn Johnson comes out of no where and tackles her, wrapping up the gold for the USA.  I’ll tell you what, I would watch that.


2 Responses to “Jay: A Crying Shame”

  1. Nice catch on the baseball rule change. Un-effin’-believable. As long as the sport is “television-friendly.” Maybe television should be more “television-friendly.”

  2. Careful.

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