Jay: Busy Tuesday

Well, it seemed like an average morning when I walked into the newsroom at 3:30.  Then I found out that the 5am producer was going home sick with food poisoning.  Then we remembered that Mark was out giving birth, well his wife was, same difference.  SO Melissa Mandak(former Miss CT) had her first day.  Okay no biggie until a frozen food truck decided to flip over and block the entire highway.  So we had one producer doing two hours of news, a live crew stuck in the traffic jam of the story they were going to cover and a green traffic reporter.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster right?  Well, everything came together nicely.  Our live crew got a great shot out from right next to the truck, Melissa did an admirable job dealing with the detours, and Scott was great in the booth giving us(Pete and I) all the changes we needed to know about.  All in all, a great and jam-packed two hours of news.  Breaking news is what we hope for and today we were all over it.  Just a little peak into our world for ya.

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