Jay: Monday, Bleah!!

First things first, a big congrats to new Mom Lauren Petty and her husband Doug.  Little Elaina was born Sunday afternoon.  We couldn’t be happier for them and as a honorary member of the Morning crew, it’s almost as if we all had a kid too, of course without all the pain of giving birth and the pressures of child care, but you know, just like it. 

An update on Pete since he, for some reason, doesn’t like writing any more.  He got his cast off on Friday and is now in a walking cast.   I still think he moves about the same with or without the cast. 

Very excited today, it is the official start of college football practice.  Only 27 days till the first game.  My wife has informed me she may need to get a hobby to get her out of the house during the season, I could not agree more.   

In other baby news, Mark the Shark will have a guppy in a few days and PA Melissa is due in mid-september.  With all these babies arriving, that means people will focus on the newborns rather then bother me with the question.  So I got that going for me, which is good.

Also, I hate Mondays.  Especially nice Mondays like today.  It is always the hardest day to get up for.


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