Jay: We'll always have the Monstah

Today is a sad day in Red Sox Nation.  From Swampscott to Stamford, to Mattawamkeag to Madison fans of the Olde Town Team wake up in a baseball world that will never be the same.  Manny Ramirez the man we loved to hate and hated to love is taking his brilliance and baggage to Tinsletown.  I think it is safe to say we may never see a player like him again.  A true hitting savant.  His talents and skill will be more appreciated as time goes by.  Hopefully time heals all wounds and #24 will be retired with these.  For now though, this trade had to happen.  The man had turned into a cancer in the clubhouse.  He quit on the team and it wasn’t a secret.  I think the most damning statement were the ones not made.  We never heard the usual Manny defenders speak up during this whole thing.  Papi, Cora, Lowell, etc were all silent.  Teammates will defend one another thru anything, unless they feel he quit on them.  As fans, we have to ignore any numbers that Manny puts up in La La Land.  He would not have done that here. 

I feel good about the Jason Bay era starting in the Back Bay(its almost to perfect).  Yes the Dodgers got the better hitter, the Sox got the better player.  As long as Jason Bay tries to be the best Jason Bay he can and not the second coming of Manny things will be fine.  Hell, the Angels have the best record in MLB and they don’t have one hitter with a .300 avg and none with 20 HR’s.  You’ll see better baserunning, outfield play, and instincts with Bay.  Also, who cares about the 7 mill, or Hanson and Moss.  Money is nothing to this organization.  Hanson has been awful, look at the numbers.  Almost two runners an inning.  Moss would be nothing but a fourth outfielder.  The only thing, as fans, that we need to focus on is, making Bay feel as welcome as possible.  He’s not the fault Manny isn’t here.  Give him a chance and he will surprise you.  Remember, we hated the OC, but we grew to love him.  We vilified Damon and Pedro for chasing the benji’s and look what it got us, more titles.  This is one fan who has put the Ramirez era behind him.  I’ve reflected on it and I am still a fan of Ramirez.  Now, it is time for a Bay Breeze(boy this is fun) to bring in a fresh breath of air.  Go get ’em J-bay(hmmmm, not bad)


8 Responses to “Jay: We'll always have the Monstah”

  1. Cameron "The Stat Machine" Hendry Says:

    This better have been an oversight on your part, but I am pretty sure that Howie “The Hit Machine” Kendrick is batting well over .300 for the Angels. I expect better from you than that.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Enough is enough. Start calling this section Jay’s Corner, or fire the rest of the help and hire some unlazy ones.

  3. You are absolutly right, I meant to put only “one”. That’s what I like about our readers, always striving for perfection. I’m sorry Anon if you are displeased but like I’ve written many times, I write about what I know and care about. I can’t do much more to get the other Amers to type. I try to keep the topics mixed enough to get some interest. Ihope you keep reading and posting.

  4. Jay's Mom - Cam's too Says:

    Better watch your stats there Hendu … younger brother is watching!

  5. Al Bruno Says:

    Jay – Love your posting and agree with most of it, but I have to disagree with you about a few things. First, there is no way that number 24 should be put up there with the special players and professionals at Fenway (unless of course it is Dwight Michael Evans, a consummate professional and my all-time favorite Red Sox). Second, I am appalled that the Sox had to throw in two MAJOR leaguers (not minor leaguers as reported on ESPN radio yesterday) in Hanson and Moss AND pay the rest of the $7 million freight for 2008 to the Dodgers. That is nuts in exchange for a first ballot Hall of Famer. In addition, if Manny had been lost to free agency the Sox would have received two draft picks so the prospect of getting those picks is gone too. Jason Bay is not worth such a steep price. So, the Sox are not a better team with this deal. That said, I trust “Theo and The Trio” (how can I not after delivering 2 titles?) and there must have been much more to this about Manny’s behavior that has not been made public to pull the trigger on such a lopsided deal. Third, I say good riddance to Manny. I am tired of all of his on and off field nonsense and phamtom injuries that in no way resembled the good natured fun Millar, Pedro, and Damon used to have outside of the lines. I wish Torre good luck with now having two former Sox malcontents on his club. You thought the Bronx was a zoo? Have fun now, Joe! I realize we would not have won in 2004 or 2007 without Manny as he helped make Papi the hitter he is by protecting him in the lineup. Pitchers fear Manny and that is why Papi saw pitches to hit. Don’t fool yourself — Jason Bay will not even come close to replacing the hitting savant that is Manny Ramirez. That said, I thank Manny for the good memories, but will in no way miss his bad attitude and despicable lack of professionalism. Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your posting!

  6. See, know this is the type of talk I had hoped for when I started this blog. I loved Dewey. A cannon for an arm, nice bat but he won a total of 0 titles. Manny helped win 7 post-season series, before him 3 in 86 years. Evans’ 24 will ever be retired because he is not an HOFer. The only way for Manny’s 24 to be retired if he ends his career with the Sox(in any capacity) The draft picks are a bit overvalued. They would have been in the bottom of round 1 and 2 andwould hae taken 5 years to reap the benefits. We have our left fielder for the next year plus. I am excited for the new era. Just saw his press conference, and Bay was having a blast, plus his Pops is a die-hard Sox fan. The kid grew up with A Yaz and Rice poster in his bedroom. I’m tellin ya this could be very good.

  7. Nice analysis Hendu…..this has been a tough one. I got to admit that upon hearing of the trade for the first time I had a few choice words…..Manny, Hansen, Moss, 2 draft picks, and $7M for Bay??? You got to be kidding!!! I thought Theo just threw in the towel on the season and found myself sounding like Sobes and ripping apart the GM. After taking some time to absorb it all (and after a few pops)….I began to feel a bit better about it….
    1) Given Manny’s antics the past 7 days Theo had no choice….if he didn’t move him…all respect would have been gone.
    2) Hansen is a bum
    3) Draft picks??….its a crap shoot…to me its luck of the draw unless you have the top 3-5 picks.
    4) Bay is a gamer…..he plays with pride and is going to give 110% game in and game out.
    5) Check the stats…..last 3 years Bay vs. Manny is closer than you think.

    The fact is the cancer had to go. Are the Red Sox better today than yesterday??….not a chance….but the disruption and drama has been removed which may just be enough to offset the loss of Manny’s unquestionable talent.

    I just look forward to Manny’s first slip-up in LA…..lets see how long it takes?? Any bets??

    Lastly…I think Theo needs a lot more credit than he is getting. He’s got a great gig….but man….not sure I’d want that job. Between Nomar and now Manny…..he has made some HUGE moves that most have questioned but in the end they have been what is best for the ball club. KUDOS to you Theo for having the gohonies (or however you spell it) for pulling the trigger.

    BTW…..not a bad debut….3B, only 2 runs on the game. Nice start my friend and welcome to Red Sox Nation…..enjoy the ride!

  8. Hendu11 and Scooter — You both make good points and I am in agreement with most, but I am still not certain Manny’s number would be retired even if he had spent the rest of his career in Boston. The likes of Doerr, Cronin, Yaz, The Splinter, Fisk and Robinson were very, very special players (note that Foxx is not even in there, by the way). So, I am not sold on the notion of Manny up there, especially with his off and on field antics. Anyway, I think you belittle the contributions of Evans when you say he won no titles. He certainly did not hurt the Sox in the post season as his numbers in 32 playoff games are as follows: .333 avg, 4 HRs, 19 rbi and superb D. So, let’s not kill him for 0 titles. Up until 2004, no Sox player could lay claim to a ring as we all know since 1918. That said, I understand Evans is a borderline HOFer, but I just wanted folks to consider the character of that particular number 24 when talking Red Sox retired numbers instead of our recently dearly departed number 24.

    I agree Theo had to get rid of Manny. He quit on the team a few seasons back in August after the Yankers won 5 in a row at the Fens. I am sure you remeber that debacle of a series. Anyway, Manny decided to give up for the next 6 weeks. Even his teammates were visibly annoyed with his behavior. Believe me, I agree he had to go as there was no guarnatee he would not do the same fot the remainder of ’08 as all signs pointed to that behavior again. I am feeling better about the Bay trade for two big reasons — Bay is a gamer as you note and Manny is presently wreaking havoc in the LA clubhouse (shocking). So, like I said before, thanks for the titles Manny but bye-bye!

    I have to make a quick comment also on the draft pick comment. I know that draft picks in baseball are the toughest to gauge in pro sports, but hear me out. It is not an absolute “crap shoot” since Theo and the Trio took over the Sox because you have to remember that they picked up Youk in the 8th round in 2001 and Paps in the 4th round in 2003. So, if Manny was lost to free agency the Sox were getting (approximately) a late round 1st and early 2nd round pick as compensation. With what Theo and his scouts have done to stockpile the farm, I don’t want to underestimate the chances of having selected a few kids that the Sox could have developed or used as trade bait. I realize the odds were not in our favor, but hey — the opportunity is now gone. That is all I was saying. But I hear you: there are no guarantees those two players would have even sniffed The Show.

    Theo has done a great job. The only few slip ups in my mind were as follows: (1) not signing the OC (Cabrerra) after he helped us win in 2004. Great attitude and glove and very underrated bat. His performance with other teams since has proven Sox should have signed him for future years in Beantown. (2) Signing Lugo to a huge deal. What a mess! (3) Signing Matt Clement. (4) Getting Mirabelli back for Meredith and Bard. Meredith has developed into a good MLB pitcher and Mirabelli was released. But, that said, everything else Theo and his boys have touched has turned to gold. I am a fan and don’t really understand his critics. The guy is brilliant and is not afraid to make moves to help the team win. Players and fans mostly respect that.

    Have a good day. I look forward to your comments to this posting!

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