Jay: Let the fun begin!!

Finally, a Sox/Yanks series that has some meaning.  With just three games separating the two clubs, a sweep either way dramatically changes the entire season.  I think though the Sox win two outta three, getting the two bookends.  Also, the G-Men officially start the title defense today with the first practice of the 08/09 season, nothing more exciting that training camp news.

Big day today for Drazen.  The huge 4-0!!  Wow he is old isn’t he.  He was shocked to have his kids come in and give him a cake.  The best part was, he had no idea.  Kudos to Yvonne, Chrissy, and Joe for pulling it off. 

Today was a bit different, no directing for moi instead I was editing.  Our main editor, Batty, took some time(slacker) so I get to fill in for him.  I’m like the Kevin Youkilis of the morning.  My main job is directing but if needed I can run audio, edit, run graphics, cameras, whatever is needed.  That got me thinking about how else I would fill out a line-up of AMers that best compares to Sox players(this is the kind of stuff that runs thru my brain, it truly is unique place!!!)  Unfortunately, it was a lot tougher then I imagined.  I came to the conclusion that as a staff we compare to no one, we are um, special in our own way I guess. 

Send out some good vibes on Saturday, Nikki takes her math praxis exam.  She is working on getting her math cert so she can teach again.  She’s been studying like crazy for the past month or so and she would always appreciate some positive waves Moriarty!  Woof! Woof!(Lets see how many of you get that movie reference.)  Enjoy the weekend.


2 Responses to “Jay: Let the fun begin!!”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    No negative waves from here. Nothin’ but “mother beautiful” thoughts.

  2. a couple of “odd-balls”

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