Jay: Ramble on

I hope, that for all our sakes that we can put behind us the Petit/home invasion story for a while.  I feel for the man but I think it is time, and in my opinion, it was time a ways back to let the man be.  Not only from the media, but he needs to move on as well.  I think the only way for this to happen is to just let the story fade away.

Everyone can agree that athletes make way to much money.  I don’t think anyone should get paid 25-30 mill for playin baseball, (especially when they disappear in a “Ray of Light” during October) but the report that Will Smith made 80 mill last year, Johnny Depp made 72 mill, and Mike Myers made 55mill.  Yet we never say two words about what movie actors make.  These guys actually work less then pro athletes.  At least you can boo or applaud an athlete, your screwed if you payed $10-15 for an awful movie.

Very excited that the History Channel is finally airing their piece on me: “The Works: Steel”  About my trek form fledgling sheep herder to powerful CT blogger.  From my trials and tribulations on the baseball diamond to highly successful coaching-savant and the path i took to being a damn-fine TV director. 

Great little article in the Courant this morning(see Brooks, someone under 45 actually still reads the paper everyday, gotta stand up for my generation!!!!) about small seasonal food eateries.  Two of my favorites are Harry’s in Colchester(great burgers and shakes) and Higgies in Higganum( great clam strip rolls and shakes.)  They seem to all have their niche crowds and all are unique in their own quirky ways.  These are the places that make CT great.  If you have the time and the stomach, stop by one of ’em on the way home one day.

Damn, just found out that the show on History is not about me, but the actual metal.  Ok, now my days ruined!!!


4 Responses to “Jay: Ramble on”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    Humility is not your strongest personality trait.

  2. how come we never go to higgies? and you always get to go to Harry’s without me!

  3. Don’t make me hurt you!

  4. Easy folks, easy. In the words of Larry David: “let me tell you something about beautiful people; we’re not well liked.”

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