Jay: First of Many…..

Isn’t it a beautiful sight?  111,000+ watching the winningest football program in the country.  I’m sure som eof you are wondering why a football post in July?  Well fall practice starts in two weeks, and the first game is a month from Saturday!!!!!!  Can’t wait for the new era of Michigan Football to start.  In Rod we Trust.


4 Responses to “Jay: First of Many…..”

  1. Jay's wife Says:

    groan and a big sigh!!! Not only am I a baseball widow in march through june (and June and all of july this year too), but i’m also a football widow from august until january. I’m not mentally prepared to start dealing with my football obsessed husband, i thought i had at least a few more weeks…. at least i can count on 4 whole days in october where we won’t be watching sports. only 96 days until a sports free vacation!

  2. Yeah right, in rod we trust… I”m sure it will be like the 4th or 5th game of the season when you start your “fire rich rod” chants… we’ll see 😉

  3. anonymous Says:

    Will any of the other morning crew ever blog again? Maybe this section of the site should be called jay in the morning.

  4. hendu11 Says:

    Well anon, yo bring up a very good point. I try to get some others like Pete who used to or Brad, Yvonne, or Bob but the three on-air folk are real busy during the morning. Pete, well he’s just lazy. I agree that it would add alot more to the site if others wrote soem topics.

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