Jay: I'm Back!!!!

First day back from vaca, and boy it feels good.  Time off is always nice, but by Thursday I was getting antsy.  I guess that’s a good sign about your workplace and co-workers, if you are excited about coming back to work after a week off.  The only thing that was unfortunate about the week away is that my putter also took the week off which put a damper on my four days of golf. 

Went and saw Batman on Saturday.  What a remarkable film.  Long yes, but the best comic book movie I’ve ever seen.  Heath Ledger was outstanding.  A different Joker then Nicholson played, but just as good and very creepy. 

At the end of the movie, something happened that I have witnessed before and still don’t get.  People getting up and applauding the film.  Just who in the hell are you clapping for?  The projectionist?  The ushers?  I hope it’s not the actors because,  here’s a hint, THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!!  Do these same people clap after watching a real good TV show?  Is it because they are out in public that they feel the urge to show their gratification?  Do they think that the other people in the theatre care that they liked the movie so much, they had to give a standing “o” to a vinyl screen?  These people should be banished to their own theatres so they can applaud and cheer and boo all they want and leave the normal movie-watching folks alone.

AHHHHH, good to be back.  BTW, thanks to Mr Brooks for the shout-out.


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