Jay: Get a Whiff of this

It seems that the causeheads are out again on the mean streets of Greenwich.  What is it this time?  It seems to be a real problem:  Kids playing Whiffleball!!!  I know, I know, the horror.   Apparently, a group of very mis-guided youths took it upon themselves to convert an empty field into a Whiffleball diamond, complete with fences.   Now the neighbors are in an uproar over this because whiffleballs are ending up in their yards(noooooooo, not little plastic balls, oh the humanity!!!!!!!)  So, instead of commending this group of kids for getting outside, working together to build something out of nothing, use it on a daily basis, get some exercise, and actually have a summer  Greenwich is going to have a town meeting Thursday to discuss the future of the field.  I grew up playing whiffleball, in fact some of my best memories involve these games.  We would meet up at 10 and play till dark.  We had stats, separate fields, ground rules, you name it.  We played everyday rain or shine.  If we got tired we rode our bikes, went swimming, but i digress.  What I’m trying to say is:  Residents of Greenwich, get over yourselves.  Just let these kids be.  They’re not causing trouble, they’re just playing a game.  We have a HUGE childhood obesity problem in this country and we have these people trying to take this away from a bunch of teenagers who just want to play ball.

I love the idea that tolls are being discussed again.  Yes it was a tragedy what happened in 1983at that toll plaza in Stratford.  Lawmakers were very hasty in getting rid of them, and now it is time to bring them back.  NY has em, Mass has em, NJ has em.  Everywhere you go, you gotta pay tolls.  Why not us?  Have you seen our roads lately?  Maybe that $750 mill could come in handy, maybe.  With the new technology of easy pass, people don’t even need to stop anymore.  It’s been 25 years, I think it is OK to broach this subject and seriously discuss it.


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