Jay: wii be ponging

Love the wii.  got one last year for Nikki on her Bday and we love it.  Also, I love beer pong.  Playing it keeps me young(and stupid) at heart.  SO when I heard that a game was coming out that combined those two, I was quite giddy.  Now, I actually heard that this was going to be part of a game package with other bar games like darts, shuffleboard, etc.  I had no idea it was going to be its own separate game.  I think its a cool idea and looks like a fun game, and no, I don’t think it will promote underage drinking, binge drinking or whatever else the CT Att. Gen, believes it will.  Hey, I’ve played video games for a long time.  I played Grand Theft Auto and I had no sudden urge to go out and rob cars, shoot cops and beat women.  I even played it with my younger brother who also had none of those urges.  You know why???  He’s smart enough to know the differences between a video game and real life.  Shocking I know!  A teenager being able to use reason and common sense, it sounds difficult to imagine but it is possible.  Imagine what could happen if a teen wanted to buy this game, but before hand, they sat down and had a good heart-to-heart with the parental figures about the dangers of binge drinking so they can become educated on the topic.  No, instead we feel the need to hide every outside danger from our kids, and then when they go off to college, we expect them to make smart, educated decisions?  C’mon folks, lets give these kids some credit and maybe, just maybe we can treat them like the young adults they are.  And I got next game, and I don’t lose!!!


2 Responses to “Jay: wii be ponging”

  1. Scooter Says:

    Amen Brother! I tried to use that defense when I got cuffed and put in the cruiser for throwing a bottle in a drunken stuper…oh…and getting caught with 2 fake ID’s while getting processed……I still do not understand why I got 40 hours community service, kicked off campus, and suspended for the team. It was because of that movie I watch…..NOT GUILTY….I’m calling Blumenthal dang it!

  2. hendu11 Says:

    Yep, very proud of my friends!!

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