Jay: Happy???

I saw on the Today Show this morn a list of the happiest and un-happiest countries in the world.  Topping the list, Denmark, followed by Puerto Rico, Columbia, Iceland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.  This got me to thinking, what the hell gives them the right to be so darn happy??  Well, since I have such an inquisitive mind that just yearns for knowledge, I did what any good researcher would do, I wikipediaedit.  Apparently, Danes are happy about Health, welfare, and education.  Digging a little deeper I found that unemployment is low, and all college is free.  All right, I guess I can see why that would make some people happy.  It actually doesn’t sound like a bad place to live after all.  Puerto Rico I get, I mean, you live on an island in the middle of the Caribbean, Colombia I don’t understand at all.  I guess its all the coffee and chocolate that makes them smile.  Ireland is easy, its the home of Guinness!!  The US, we were 16th.  Not bad considering the turmoil we are facing.  Not gonna mention the bottom five, because well, I’m all about the happiness.


3 Responses to “Jay: Happy???”

  1. Jay's Mom Says:

    If more Americans thought like you. Mr. All About the Happiness, we might be #15 … or even #10.

  2. hendu11 Says:

    Could you imagine how great a world this would be if everyone though like me, what a eutopia!

  3. Jay's Wife Says:

    Oh Dear God! Now I am rolling my eyes!!!!! One person who thinks like you is enough to handle. 😉

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