Jay: A Ray of Light

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Sox fan, but there is something to this Tampa team that draws me to them.  It could be many things: their youth, power arms, attitude, the style of play.  I kinda enjoy the fact that they have the best team in baseball right now.  Do I think that they will be able to last, yeah sure why not?  As long as health is on their side and they continue to play to their talent level, I can see them getting the wild card.  Now that would be a great day for baseball.  Many pundits argue that MLB is a Red sox/Yankees league and all the other teams are just filler, but if this team made the play-offs, don’t you think that is what MLB had in mind all along.  A small market team, building thru the draft, finally making the show?  I’ll tell ya, I’m excited about that!!!

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