Jay: Monday Monday

Wow, what a show!!!  I thought it would be good, but never imagined it like that.  Next to Bruce at Fenway, this was the best show I’ve seen.  They played a great set and kept up the energy for the whole show.  With the crowd singing along and hanging on Eddie’s every word, the place was electric.  If this is the only time I see them live, then it was one for the ages.

As a Sox fan, who could have thought that of the seven games this week, the biggest games would be the three against the Rays and not the four against the Yanks.  Right now, who cares about the team from the Bronx, they are having a hard time getting out of their own way.  Now the Rays, what a fun team to watch.  Good, young, aggressive hitter, an outstanding bullpen and decent starters(plus they are in first place, on June 30th!!!!)  Whats great about this team is that they have done it the right way, smart drafts, patience in their kids, some brilliant trades and shrewd free agent signings.  I’m glad that they have become as good as they are, now its time for the Sox to put them back in their place.

Good to have the whole team back in place.  Plus, hopefully, Pete can gather up enough strength to get back to work next monday.  I mean show some toughness man, just because you have a small hardware store in your foot doesn’t mean a thing.  I had a bit of a headache this morning, and I’m here working!!!!!


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