pete: on the mend… but far too slowly.

today was my first post-op visit to the UCONN medical center.  i have to say it was pretty interesting when they took my cast off, because i did not have any idea what my foot looked like under that cast.
lucky for you i did not bring my digital camera, let me tell you.  when the cast and bandages came off, man was that gross looking.  i have never had more than one or two stitches before,  so you can imagine my dismay when i saw two 4″-5″ wounds on the top of my foot.  i had no idea this surgery was going to be so invasive.
but it gets better!  i have a pin.  it sticks out the side of my foot and has a little ring on it, just like a grenade.  thats right people, i’m armed now.  just pull pin and throw.
my xray revealed more goodies inside.  two screws in my big toe – which i was not expecting – followed by pins in the next 3 toes holding those together, and then that one long grenade pin running sideways all the way through.
it’s a good thing chicks dig scars.  combined with my legendary race car driver status and my cool new hardware, it’s amazing i was not mauled by the uconn cheerleader squad when i left the building.  perhaps no one told them i was coming today.

of course my main question to the doctor, after seeing all this, was “well, can i go racing yet?”  he shook his head at me and reiterated what a serious injury i actually have, and that it will still be 3 months before i will be back to normal.
3 months from the date of surgery would be September 16th.
the season’s final race is September 26th.
my friend ed is on his way over to pick up the race car and take it to the frame shop.


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