Jay: The week that is…

Not exactly sure how this week will be, one can never predict the future(or can they, HMMMMM?) but as far as potential, this week is dripping with it.  Our new producer starts this morning, her name is Ann Marie and she is from Jackson Mississippi.  Yep a southern belle up in Yankee country(not the team, but, well, you get it.)  She seems to fit right in with us too.  Also, she’s a big college football fan, I mean it is Ole Miss and the SEC, but its close enough.  Lets see, what else, goin to the Sox game tonight.  Get to see Beckett, very pumped about that, first time back at the Fens since ’07.  You can never have a bad time there.  Goin to the Rock Cats on Wed. night, meeting up with a bunch of friends there(all free too, that’s what makes it great) and I cap off the week w/ Pearl Jam at the Meadows(yes, I still call it that and its still the Civic Center BTW)  So as far as weeks go, this has the potential to be pretty good, and maybe, just maybe, I can get my first 18 in at some point. 


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