pete: greetings from the land of oxycontin

so here i sit in a drug induced stupor, fresh off my operation at the UCONN medical center.  i have to say, the experience there was about as good as one could hope for.  everyone i met was exceptionally nice and incredibly helpful.  the operation went as planned, and all my piggytoes are now properly aligned in their proper positions.  although i am in a fair bit of pain.  i’d rate it on a scale somewheer between a stubbed toe and listening to jay’s corny jokes.
the doctor has me taking about 16 different types of vitamins to get things healed up.  i suspect someone must have told him about my “moo cow only” diet, and thats why he has me on all this stuff.  honestly, who needs calcium?  and zinc?  and vitamins a-q?  if the good lord wanted me full of all that stuff he would have put it in the cow for me ahead of time.
i will be in a cast for 6 weeks, then they will remove the pin on my pinky toe.  then i get a walking cast for another 4-6 weeks.  which i guess in the grand scheme of things isnt THAT bad.  i’m still hoping to be healed in time to drive that nbc30 car again before the race season is out.

i miss all my family at the station.  jay, yvonne, brad, bob, joe, db, reggie, lori, johny, john, feisty, olga… maybe even sequel…  well ok lets not push it. but it is nice to know i’m being thought of.  i hope i’ll be able to get back to the grind soon.

and now, its time for more oxycontin.  mmmmm… oxycontin… *drool*


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