Jay: #17

 Now, how’s that for a trophy case.  This has been a once-in-a-lifetime run for the fans of these three teams(Red Sox, Giants, Celtics)  How many times in history can fans claim that their teams won the three biggest major sporting titles, in a row  , and all held them at the same time.  I don’t know how long this will last or if it happens ever again, but for right now, I am in complete utopia(my brother roots for the same teams, and he almost had the Penguins in hockey.) 

What a fantastic game.  The most dominate finals performance i had ever seen(and the most dominate clinching game EVER!!!!!)  The JayVee Fakers were out-classed, out-coached and out-played.  I knew it would be good when I realized it was the 17th last night, the celts going for #17 and Hondo in the house(retired #17).  There was a full moon(same as when the SOx beat Yanks in ’04), the Sox won 3-0(the same score when they won the series in ’04) all these little things.  The place was rockin last night(I loved the “you’re not Jordan” and the “where is Kobe” chants), Doc again coached a great game, the big three showed up(even though Pierce was exhausted), and Rondo set the tone from the opening tip. 

SO we got a rolling rally on Thurs, and then we can focus on the Sox, who have quietly played to 16 games over .500(hey I forget, they are good too!!!) 

P.S. Found this celebration from the closing moments of game six last week, and since this entry is getting a down of views, thought I’d add it.  God, I wish I was there!!!!

One Response to “Jay: #17”

  1. Jay's Wife Says:

    Hooray! I am so glad for you that the celtics won because that puts you in a good mood… I hope you realize that you can NOT complain about your sports teams anymore! All three won a championship in the same year.

    Also it is Hooray for me because it means I don’t have to watch any more basketball for a long time, Yeah !) Maybe now you can actually get some sleep too.

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