Jay: End It!!



Go out and embrace this opportunity tonight. Go out and make history.  Go out on that court tonight and feel the ghosts of Celtics Past course through your veins.  Now I want you to close your eyes, visualize what’s about to happen.  You are about to go clinch a championship in front of the greatest basketball fans in the world for the greatest franchise in the NBA.  Just think of the players you will be forever linked to: KG to Russell, Ray to Havlicek, Pierce to Bird, Rondo to Cousy, Perk to Parish, Posey to Cowens, House to Sam Jones.  Your names your team will forever go down as one of the greatest Boston teams of all time.  You have been playing with the heart of champions to go play to win a championship.  Lets go hang #17 tonight.  Lets go out and give our fans a game for the ages.  Lets go out, play hard for 48 minutes.  48 minutes of intense, great defense.  48 minutes of crisp, clean offense.  48 minutes till we lift that trophy above our heads.  Lets go Beat LA and make history!!!











































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