Jay: Celtic Pride

Went to bed last night after the 1st quarter with the Celts down 21.  I figured they’d make a run, its the NBA, everyone makes a run.  Okay, lose game 4, come back desperate in game 5 and pull out a win in game 5, wrap up the series in Boston on Tues.  Holy Crap, what a comeback though.  Just pure heart, grit and guts.  TO see guys like Posey and E house pick up the slack, PJ Brown doin dirty work on the inside, and the big three pullin together after an abysmal opening stanza to come back to snag victory form the jaws of defeat.  This makes Sunday a must watch.  It’s hard to imagine the Fakers have anything left.  How do you come back form that?  Kobe, aside from game 3, has been the fourth or fifth best player on the court(not good when you are Mr. MVP), Pao Gasol is soft, and the Lakers reserves are weak.  The Shamrocks are tougher, meaner, and play with passion.  This current team is something that all the other 16 C’s team can be proud of.  They have done justice to Celtic Pride and a win in Game 5 would cement there place in history(please wrap it up in five, I don’t know if I can make it thru three late games next week!!!!!!)


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