pete: other uses for 200mph tape

when watching racing on sunday afternoons, you may sometimes hear the guys in the broadcast booth talk about “racer’s tape” or “200mph tape.”  its really just a name for extra sticky duct tape that us racers use to hold our cars together when bad things happen.
its also what ive been using to tape a garbage bag around my cast-ed foot so i can take a shower. 
the irony is not lost on me.

i am only on day two of what will be 3 weeks out of work.  yes, jay hasnt actually read this yet, but i found out today that my surgery is being postponed to a week from thursday.  why?  “scheduling issues.”  now to me it seems kind of insane that a guy who breaks his foot cant find his way into an ER to have the thing set properly for 3 weeks after the injury.  granted i’ve never broken anything before, and this isnt a simple injury – i’ve actually dislocated my 4 small toes and need bones fused and screws installed to fix them – but i was always under the impression that if you break something, you go the the hospital, they set it, put a cast on, and send you on your way.  ive found the way this whole process actually works to be quite maddening and fustrating.  i have an appointment at 8:15am today, where i am sure i can express my displeasure to my doctor personally, after having experincing the joy of sitting through rush hour traffic to get there.  i am sure it will improve my mood.

so i sit here, foot up.  waiting.  and waiting.  and waiting for someone to fix my foot.  why?
so i can heal up in time to run the last few races of the season of course.

what, you didn’t think i was gonna say so i could get back to work – did you?


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