Jay: Guitar Heroes

In Rolling Stones latest issue, they have a list of the 100 greatest guitar songs.   As some of my faithful readers may have picked up on, sports is a huge passion of mine, food is another, and music is a third.  I have a very wide palate of likes.  My IPod ranges form Jewel to Metallica, from James Taylor to the Chili Peppers.  The list starts out all right that was made famous in this scene.  I guess you can’t argue with the original Rock and Roll song.  Now I’m fine up till #10.  C’mon folks, lets get serious, there is no way, on any list, that Nirvana should be ahead of Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Bruce, The Who, etc. etc. etc.  Nirvana was the media darling of the early 90’s Seattle sound, but only cause they were first and had a messed up lead singer.  They composed basic riffs, lame lyrics and stagnent drum beats.  The fact that Smells Like Teen Spirit is a top ten guitar song is laughable.  Honestly whats better this or this.  It’s not even close.  Oh well, The rest of the list is pretty good.  A good mix of old and new.  So if you got time, its a good read.


One Response to “Jay: Guitar Heroes”

  1. lunaticmagnet Says:

    “basic riffs, lame lyrics and stagnent drum beats” sounds like a description of most great guitar songs.

    where the streets have no name should NOT be ranked higher than sweet child of mine on a list of great guitar songs. and just the very idea that john mayer and michael jackson made this list should automatically discredit anything on it.

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