Jay: Oh Deer

Well, my day didn’t start off all to well, less then a 1/2 mile from my house, A deer ran into my car.  The deer seemed to be fine, got up quickly and ran away, my car on the other hand, well, its looked better.  He(or she) broke my front passenger side lights, dented my hood and bumper.  I thought I was lucky for a while.  All my life living in the country and driving in early to work, this is the first time I have ever hit a deer.  My brothers have hit a few, my mom has caught a couple, but this is my first.  Life-ending, no.  Annoying, no doubt.  I think it bothers me more that I won’t have my car for a week or so, and I LOVE my car!!!!!!  Oh well, onto game three.  Can the Celts win two games in La la Land, sure, will they, absolutely not.  I think they come home for game six up 3-2 and wrap it up there, but I would not be shocked if the Fakers won all three.  I’m sure the Fighting Kobe’s will get some favorable whistles, the difference though, the Celts won’t let that get to them.  This team is simply out, more focused.  They all realize what’s happening.  #17 has never been closer and there is no doubt that the Boston Three Party will close it out and give Beantown another parade and myself another team with a ring.

Well, Pete is out a while.  He goes in on Thurs for surgery and has to keep his foot elevated till then to reduce swelling.  I’m not sure how long he will be gone for, but I hope it is not too long, this director could use a week off. 

Congrats to Michael Strahan.  A wonderful career capped off with an improbable win against an “unbeatable” foe.  Simply put, one of the greatest defensive players to play the game.  I loved watching him for the past fifteen years, and oh boy, what a class for canton in a few years(Favre). 


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