Jay: Farewell, Goodbye, So Long!!!

This is a mixed feeling sorta day here for the AM team.  Our beloved 6am producer, Tracy Mitchell is leaving us today for the Big Apple.  She has been working here for quite awhile and not only has she become a great co-worker, but a wonderful friend.  Speaking as her director, she always put her all into her shows and always tried to make the shows interesting, for you, the viewers. We always had a way to have fun, yet get the job done, and I think that’s what I will miss about her the most.  She also did a great job organizing our two Town Hall Talkbacks that were greatly received.  As a friend, I’ll miss her crude sense of humor and tasteless jokes.  This is a very difficult transition for her because her husband, Jaime, toddler Colin and hell-raising dog Jovi behind in CT.  As much as she will be missed, we wish her all the luck over at MSNBC and we promise to make sure your three boys stay out of too much trouble.  Good Luck T-Mitch, it’s gonna be tough replacing you.


One Response to “Jay: Farewell, Goodbye, So Long!!!”

  1. Aw Jay, thanks so much.

    And I must say, the directors at MSNBC will have big shoes to fill. You are a great director and I’ve been very lucky to have you. I’ll miss you a ton!

    PS. That picture of me is terrible!

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