Jay: #3

All right Tampa Bay, welcome to big boy baseball.  It’s cute how you hung around during April and May.  Ya got talent, that’s for sure, but c’mon, now is the time that the Sox start their season.  But hey, you still got third to play for, because ya kinda feel the Yanks are making strides as well.  What a homer by Giambi, I guess the Jays feel the same as the Rays now.  While, I’m on it, why hit Coco in thethe second inning is beyond me.  Just wait till the game is decided, but he cost his team the game.  I get it, you wanna get back at Coco for what you thought was a bush league move(clean hard baseball, BTW) do it later in the game,  don’t wake up a sleeping beast, especially with First place on the line.


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