Jay: Day Two

Personally I think he’s milking it.  Pete has been out now two days because of an apparent foot injury.  For those of you who have never worked as a director here, you really don’t need to use your feet that much(of course w/ Pete, you never know)  I say to Pete, suck it up and hobble in.  How bad can you actually be hurt when racing’s not even a real sport?!?!?!

Can’t wait for Thurs. night.  Tried to get Tix, but the Garden sold out quickly.  I think the Celts should take game 1, and I hop that it goes seven.  I know that the C’s can score on the Lakers, but can the LOTK(Lakers other then Kobe) score?  Will Gasol back down after Perk and KG beat up on him, is there enough quickness to slow down Rondo?  I guess we’ll find out @9:27 thursday night, which BTW, is crazy.  Way to appeal to the mass audience there David Stern.  SO glad that we can all stay up to midnight to see the end of the games.  Oh well, who needs sleep anyway.


2 Responses to “Jay: Day Two”

  1. you better hope i’m out for long enough to forget that i read this hendu… 😛

  2. Jay's Mom Says:

    Good luck to you Pete. I’m also recouping from a broken foot, and I’m now refered to as ‘gimpy.’

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