Jay: Our Special Boy

As some of you know(and those who don’t, you will now), Pete is just a director during the day.  At night, he turns into Pete Cayer Race Car Driver(of course I use the term “driver” loosely.)  He dons his special outfit and takes the hour long journey every Friday up to Stafford Springs to drive the NBC30 car.  Now, he gets plenty of ribbing form his co-workers(ok, mostly me) about his, uh, results.  To give the guy credit thou, he loves his hobby and actually gets better every year.  He feels that he he would be on the cusp of winning this year, all he needed was a little luck, well, you know what they say about Lady Luck, she is a finicky _____!!!(go ahead, get creative, fill in the blank, its like MadLIbs)

On Friday Pete had two races, the first one he lost due to engine problems, the second one, well lets say it wasn’t one of his greatest feets.  No, I spelled that right.  Here is what happens when you get sandwiched between two cars while standing on the brake: Yep, that there is a big-ol broken foot.  In fact here is his description: i was x-rayed and diagnosed with 2 breaks/dislocations in my left foot. tomorrow i will be visiting a specialist who will hopefully be able to set the bones in my foot and put a cast on it without surgery – however the ER doctor said it was highly probable i would need surgery for what is called a “lisfranc fracture.”

So, needless to say, Pete is out today and going to a specialist.  Lets hope that he has a full recovery and gets back behind the wheel soon, I figured he is due for a few lucky breaks now(sorry that was bad, I’ll put my best foot forward next time. toe the line and not make any cheap foot jokes!!!!)


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