Jay: Just a repost…more to come

Jay: 5 Years

Tomorrow is a BIG day.  That’s BIG with a capital H-U-G-E!!!  Not only are we playing in the Shoreline championship(yep, we won 3-1, here’s some good links #1 and #2,) but Saturday is my 5 Year anniversary to my wonderful wife Nikki.  I can’t imagine being with anyone else and who she balances out our relationship is amazing.  I know that I am difficult at times.  I’m sarcastic, can be cranky at times, maybe a tad obsessive about things but she always knows when to back off or push me.  We really are a great team together and it has been a wonderful 5 yrs of marriage(we’ve been together since Nov. of 96) and I am looking forward to what lies in wait for us down the line.  I know no matter what happens, we won’t be going through it alone. 

Okay lets get back to some important stuff(see I’m imposable!!!)  We all knew the Celts would lose a game @home.  They get back on track by splitting in Detroit.  Game 3 would be great but any of the two would be good(both would be swell, but lets be real here).  I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend.  Enjoy the warm temps. 

BTW if you need something to do for a few hours on Saturday.  Our game is @1pm @ HK High School vs. ??  we could some more support and its pretty good baseball as well.  See U all there.


One Response to “Jay: Just a repost…more to come”

  1. Jay's wife Says:

    Aw, how nice! That’s the sweetest half a blog i ever got and I love it, even if you did continue on to sports…;) such is my life. But I would not change it for anything. Here’s to many more years together! Lot’s of love.

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