Jay: It's over

Iieght’m still shell-shocked.  No way did I imagine the season ending like this.  We lost yesterday to Terryville 4-0.  I don’t want to sound like a sore loser here, but we should have won.  We had better players and more talent, but on this day our bats did not show up.  In fact we did not score over our last 16 innings of the season.  Just a really bad time for a slump.  Maybe in a few days I can look back on the year and be happy about what we accomplished, but for know, just the bitter taste of defeat sits in the back of my throat.  Hitting has been our Achilles heel all year, and it really reared its ugly head the past two games.  Of course, I’ve already started to think about what we need to do next year as a coaching staff to make our bats viable again.  Wanna wish best of luck to the rest of the Shoreline teams(especially East Hampton) and I look forward to coaching over the summer.

For know though, its back to the gym.  I just don’t have time to workout during the season.  I have a goal I made to myself a year and 1/2 ago and that was to get down to 220 lbs.  At that time I was a very unhealthy 310.  Right now I stand at 243 and am very happy to lose seven lbs during the season.  I’ve lost all the weight just be eating smart and exercising properly.  A simple lifestyle change was all it took.  I have not had fast food since December of 2004 and we(nikki and I) have switched to a more well balanced diet with lots of fruit, veggies, whole wheats, proteins and fibers.  I still leave myself room to enjoy the occasional treat and I still enjoy a few libations form time to time because I think that you can’t deprive yourself of what you love, that only makes the rest of your diet that hard to maintain.  So I start back up today, and to tell ya the truth, I’m looking forward to it.  Plus, I can dust off the ol golf clubs and get back in the swing of things!!!


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