Jay: A tough loss

Well, what a game on Saturday.  Who would have thought that one run would hold but it did.  I gotta tip my hat to Eric Peck, the pitcher for East Hampton.  I’ve seen him pitch maybe 7-8 times and this, by far, was his best game.  He had control of all his pitches and the defense behind him was awesome.  We played a great game, the difference was that they got a hit with RISP and we didn’t.  So we move on, congrats to the Bellringers on the conference title, but we have a bigger carrot in front of us.  Our state tourney run starts tomorrow against Terryville.  Here is what I know about that team       ?        .  Yep, whole lot of nothin.  I do know they had to win their last two games to get in, which says a lot about a team.  The great thing about this tourney is you can ride a hot pitcher(we did in 2004) and he can carry you awhile.  Good thing we have two red hot hurlers.  Looking back on it, maybe losing the conference game wasn’t all bad.  It should make us hungrier and frankly winning 13 games in a row would be pretty tough(Trinity we are not).  One local sportswriter likes our chances (link)lets hope it comes to that match-up.  We would love a re-match, but that’s a long ways off and some tough foes will have a lot to say about it. 

P.S. If anyone has any info on the Terryville Baseball team, pleas post some info, that would be great!!!!!    


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